Definition of diffraction grating

March 1, 2015
By Diffraction Grating
The PowerLeveler, based on a proprietary liquid crystal and diffraction grating technology platform, is software-adjustable to enable high resolution dynamic equalization and channel blocking functionality in wavelength transport and add/drop applications.The new research clarifies a phenomenon noted in the 1940s: Electrons of a certain energy beamed at a metal diffraction grating produce unusually intense radiation.A diffraction grating, in which an array of parallel lines ruled on a glass or plastic surface spreads white light into a rainbow of colors, applies the same principle.The result is an acoustic grating analogous to diffraction grating used to scatter light.The incoming signals pass through a lens and hit a diffraction grating that reflects them, each different wavelength at a slightly different angle.Axion estimates the total capital cost for a single diffraction grating sorting unit, including conveyors and ancillary equipment, at [pounds sterling] 500, 000, with a potential payback within four years.The business, which employs 40 people, is the world's largest manufacturer of a particular kind of optical component - called a diffraction grating - used in these sensors.I was just starting to experiment with a Star Analyser diffraction grating in my filter wheel so I also recorded a series of low resolution spectra of the nova.The researchers then used other standard optical devices called waveguides to steer light toward the diffraction grating in each pixel, as well as liquid crystals to modulate which colours of light are sent out from each spot.For example, Shimadzu's breakthrough Lo-Ray-Ligh diffraction grating technology is now installed in Shimadzu's new UV-2600 and UV-2700 model UV spectrophotometers which not only increases the linear absorbance range of these instruments to unprecedented levels, but also extends the wavelength range of these instruments to enable analysis in the near infra-red region".Therefore, the goal of this work was to create a diffraction grating with new properties by the modification of photoresist with Ag nanoparticles prepared by the Lee-Meisel method and to investigate the influence of the nanoparticles content on the morphology and optical properties of the grating.Losses due to reflection of the back face of the diffraction grating and absorption losses due to multiple scattering effects inside de substrate were corrected to calculate the relative diffraction efficiency.
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