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February 21, 2013
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CeguaBy Scott Corrales

The following article appeared in the March 2003 edition of FATE Magazine.

In the year 2002, the world’s attention was fixed upon Argentina. Alarmingly, hundreds of animals were dying mysteriously in different parts of that South American nation, and high-strangeness phenomena were also being reported.

Gabriela and Griselda

In August 2002, amid the confusion, a very strange case emerged involving the possible use of a holographic device in the midst of a cattle mutilation and UFO wave in the Argentinean pampas. The Institute of Hispanic Ufology received numerous emails from researchers and followers of the UFO scene suggesting that the events surrounding the mutilations and sightings could have been related to the use of highly advanced holographic projectors. The events surrounding the experiences of a young woman named Gabriela Lencinas, 15, were investigated by the team of Francisco Villagrén, Eduardo Lopez, Omar Vallejos, and UFO researcher/broadcaster Pablo Omastott.

According to an interview with Lencinas, she was riding back to the town of Paso Lovera (12 miles from Corrientes) on her bicycle after having spent the morning in San Luis del Palmar, two and a half miles distant, with a friend. The day had been a warm and sunny Saturday in early January 2002 (specifically the second Saturday of the month, according to Lencinas). As both young women pedaled back to their hometown, they came into contact with the unexplained.

Ms. Lencinas and her unnamed friend saw what they described as a “giant figure, ” standing perhaps a few dozen feet tall. The strange giant was allegedly wearing what appeared to be a “ski outfit, ” the details of which could not be precisely made out. They were unable to make out its face, but noted that “its hair seemed to be standing on end, ” as though from static electricity, and it stood with its arms outstretched toward them, as though beckoning them. Lencinas and her friend did not think this was a friendly gesture: “It was as if [the image] was trying to scare us.” At no point did they see the strange figure’s eyes or teeth, according to the report.

The women, paralyzed with fright, noticed that a car drove past them along the same stretch of road, only to screech to a halt as it came to the towering figure. According to the witness, the driver “got out of the car, took a good look at the figure, got back in his vehicle, and kept driving” until it passed right under the giant’s towering legs.

The women continued pedaling toward the figure and reported that the image “began to rise” up into the air some 15 feet. After that, both returned to their homes to inform their parents of the event. When asked if they thought that the giant could have been objectively real, or a “vapor image, ” Lencinas replied, “It wasn’t real because…” and allowed her voice to trail off.

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