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October 9, 2015
Why MIA and Janelle Monae'

7 Bizarre Hologram ConcertsThere’s been a disturbance in the music world force. I pay an exorbitant ticket price, parking fees and "sucker" fees to see a live concert, but instead of real people performing, I get a hologram. As somebody who loves holograms, it saddens me to have to say this: using holograms to raise the dead or replace living musicians is total (real life) bulls*ht. Here are 7 bizarre hologram concerts:

Vocaloid – “Words of Love”

In Japan, hologram concerts are all anyone ever sees anymore.

Gorillaz & Madonna – Feel Good Inc. / Hung Up

Madonna’s like, “pay attention to me! Not the holograms! Me!”

Mariah Carey in Poland

It’s not like she’s dead or a cartoon character – why won’t she just perform in Poland?

Black Eyed Peas – “Time of My Life”


Brad Paisley & Virtual Carrie Underwood – “Remind Me”

If there was one genre I’d have more respect for if it took a stand against holograms, it’d be country. Ohhhh weeeeeeell.

Tails from Sonic The Hedgehog – “Tails Tails Night Fever”

Source: www.craveonline.com
Hologram Concert Opening 12.13.14
Hologram Concert Opening 12.13.14
SeeU Hologram Concert in Seoul 2014
SeeU Hologram Concert in Seoul 2014
Paul Oakenfold - Hologram Concert - San Diego, 2014
Paul Oakenfold - Hologram Concert - San Diego, 2014
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