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March 21, 2014
ZSpace: A Real Holographic
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Our light pens are based on the technology of WHITE® and Holographic Bioresonance® and made according to the specifications and requirements of HEAVYLIGHT©. Each of the light pens is made individually in a laboratory over a period of a few days. They are delicately set inside the holography to which they correspond. There are eight different kinds of lights listed below, corresponding to the various frequency spectra that they emit. Each contains the entire harmonic spectrum and they are ever more balanced with well-proven effects. These light pens are easy to use and can beautifully balance the body, even without an understanding of therapeutic practices.

Water Vortex with the


The first of the HL lights is called MORPHEUS. It works mainly on the physical level of the cell structures and the base octave. The MORPHEUS works on various substances like bones, muscles, organs and blood and also affects the different areas of the body and their corresponding energy centres (chakras 1-4). Working with the MORPHEUS balances and harmonizes the bio-energetic level of the body and has a balancing impact on the power of the will (3rd chakra) and partly on one’s emotions (4th chakra). When water is phased with this light and drunk, it acts to break up old clusters of information that are retained in the tissues and cells of the body, which are then passed via the urine. For more on this click "applications ".

This light pen is also often used by alternative health-practitioners, who find it effective when it is shone on energy-centres and meridians.

Water Vortex with the
VORTEX Light Pen


VORTEX is the name of the second HL light. It is a very powerful light which has its impact mainly on the mind, the consciousness and sub-consciousness levels and their corresponding energy centres (chakras 4-7). It also works on heavy metal contamination, such as the decomposition of mercury amalgams.

The VORTEX opens up energetically in order to touch our deepest and most intimate thoughts and it leads to a deeper work of harmonisation inside the spirituality of the global hologram to which we all belong. VORTEX supports bio-energetic cleaning of negative emotions and thoughts, as well as conditionings, shocks and fears that occurred during early stages of life. The VORTEX is the ultimate quantum leap in experiencing a higher state of consciousness.

This light pen is often bought by councellors and psychologists. They find it useful to give water phased by this light to their clients.

The two pens MORPHEUS and VORTEX have been created to allow non-therapists and untrained people to work successfully and with the very best benefit with the HL lights.

Water Vortex with the


The third light pen is called INFINITY. This pen contains the levels of the MORPHEUS, the VORTEX and partly the BLACK 1B light pens plus additional higher frequencies and works on the bio-energetic genetic influence in the DNA-RNA structures. This combination treats the person on all levels, enabling an optimal mind-body fusion.

As this pen is incredibly powerful, we usually suggest that you use this light pen after having essential and solid experiences by working first with the MORPHEUS or VORTEX l ight pen. However, it is not a pre-requisite and you may order the INFINITY pen without first having used one of the other two light pens.

Water Vortex with the
BLACK Light Pen


Whereas the other three pens (MORPHEUS, VORTEX, INFINITY) rephase and harmonize water or the environment, the BLACK acts to carry away bio-electrical energy from chaotic situations. It could be described as the anti-ego pen, for it strips away the electricity of self-importance, taking chaotic emotional situations like anger and fear, and calming them down. In effect, the BLACK takes excess electricity both static and bio-electric from your body and the subtle energy around you.

When touched by the BLACK people often experience a slight shudder - a release of energy that seems to go out via the soles of their feet, as the surplus electricity seeks to ground itself. The BLACK has been described as the self-defense pen. It is often carried by people that work in inner city neighbour-hoods at night or other places where the regular energy may become chaotic and unstable.

Water Vortex with the
JOY Light Pen


This light pen has a name that perfectly reflects its true inner essence – JOY. Its function is to energetically root the 5th chakra (throat/- communication level) with the 2nd chakra (the basic sexual level).

Energetic stagnations within the 2nd chakra can be caused by excess energy stored in the 5th chakra. These energetic malfunctions are often associated with negative emotional experiences of the past, stifled creativity, a lack of self esteem, or sexual coldness.

Energy stagnations in the 5th chakra can result in a diverse range of problems including, constantly trying to appear strong at all costs, which places you under great pressure. Also, although you possess deep inner knowledge, you are unable to perceive these spheres or dimensions, so your spiritual energies can end up blocked in the mental layers. You are unable to express your deeper thoughts or feelings and can become detached from the messages of your soul.

The JOY can be helpful in clearing this stagnant energy, resulting in an improved level of body/emotion integration. When this happens you feel more joyful.

According to Chinese philosophy the JOY relates to the metal element (associated with the lung).

Water Vortex with the
ES Light Pen

ES (HLES) - serie BLUE

The energy of this light pen relates to the heart (4th chakra), and according to Chinese philosophy connects with the fire element (heart and blood). The inner spirit of ourselves, in particular the quality of our thoughts, our way of thinking and talking as well as our spiritual vision is centred at this energetic level.

The heart is the energy centre where the physical energy (lower chakras) and the spiritual energy (higher chakras) meet. When this chakra works efficiently you feel great compassion for all other living beings.

To achieve this is one of the main functions of this light pen. It helps us to reach a new, richer, inner feeling with our true essence. When this light pen is used in a disciplined way over a month or more it will bring out these feelings of compassion for all living matter of this world.

Source: www.heavylight.de
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