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September 23, 2016
Hologram Labels and Stickers
Transparent Holographic Label

Security Hologram Labels

Custom Printed Security Holograms

Recently we have so many enquiries from customers wanting the high security features of a hologram label, we decided to set up another website dealing solely with the design and creation of hologram labels.
To visit our sister company; Click Here – HOLOGRAM LABELS (www.hologramlabel.co.uk)

We also had several customers wanting hologram labels, however they only want small quantities, 100, 200 etc. A bespoke hologram would not be cost effective on such small quantities This inspired us to find a low cost solution.
Our Answer is this… our exclusive hologram label, over printed with a customers logo, text and serial numbers.
Using a custom over printed hologram cuts down on the costs for small orders, because you (the customer) dont need to pay for a hologram master shim (which is like the holographic printing plate), you also dont have the 10, 000 label minimum order.

Complete Applied Label

Top Layer “Lifting Off”

Attempted Removal

Transparent /pp Label Applied

Exclusive to Security-label.co.uk & HologramLabel.co.uk, hologram background material. Our holographic background incorporates several security features. Our Background hologram is a 3 layer Hologram, with the following security features: Kinetic effect, Floating effect, Lens effect and Zoom effect, made on destructable silver tamper evident security foil.

Remember our prices include, company logo, custom text and serial numbers.

These transparent security holographic labels use adhesive which will stick to most plastics and just about all other clean surfaces. These custom printed hologram labels have two layers. The top carrier laminate layer is a strong clear polyester which provides chemical/water and abrasion protection. The lower film layer is thin and fragile. Any Attempt to remove the hologram seal results in the upper layer peels off leaving behind the fragile film, which cannot be removed without breaking up.

Custom Printed Security Hologram Pricing

20mm x 30mm Custom Printed Security Hologram Labels Transparent /pp Label Removed£95.00 £195.00 £253.50 £330.00 £430.00 £560.00
10mm x 15mm Custom Printed Security Hologram Labels £95.00

Tamper Evident Holographic Security Labels

Tamper Evident Hologram Labels with serialized numbers, to be used as warranty void or product authentication / identification or even just as a holographic security label.

Hologram Label Sample
(15mm x 15mm)

Hologram Label Sample
(15mm x 30mm)

A custom holographic label (seal) could cost between £2, 000 and £4, 000 for only a master die to make the holograms. Using a generic security hologram label with Serialized numbers and Destructible construction helps to keep our costs low. Two Day Delivery (UK) on our hologram labels (seals)! Worldwide delivery also available.

Tamper Evident Feature of our Hologram Labels

These hologram labels use an adhesive that sticks well to plastics and almost any clean surface. Our hologram labels have two layers. The upper laminate layer is a strong clear polyester providing chemical/water and abrasion resistance. The lower layer is a thin and fragile, Tamper Proof, hologram film. Attempting to remover the hologram labels, the upper layer peels off which leaves behind the hologram film behind.

Applied Label

Security Hologram Label Pricing

Security Hologram Label (15mm x 15mm) £12.50 £55 £100 £370
Security Hologram Label (15mm x 30mm) £15 £70 £130 £500
Hologram Label (15x15) Hologram Label (15x30) Applied Label Removed Label
Source: www.security-label.co.uk
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