Hologram Projection technology

April 13, 2016
Hologram Technology

BLEEN brings futuristic projection tech to the consumer market

Ever since Princess Leia first digitally appeared before Luke Skywalker in 1977’s Star Wars Episode IV, hologram technology has been at the foreground of science-fiction plotlines and special effects. Though holographic projection technology has arrived in limited form as an entertainment novelty (think Coachella’s Tupac hologram), it has not yet entered the everyday consumer market.

Bleen is a projection device that uses large-scale 3D reconstruction to create a moving holographic image. Projected images are over eight feet in height and do not require any screens, lenses, or glasses for viewing. The entire system is contained in a compact, egg-shaped structure, inconspicuous enough for the office, gallery space, or living room.

Bleen technology relies on fast-pulsed laser beams and optical focusing systems to coordinate light color, intensity, and distribution. Real-time updates and spatial distribution tweak each projection to create a realistic holographic presence, tailored for home entertainment and utility.


Bleen, Inc., the company designing and manufacturing the projector, coordinates between its San Francisco offices and Eastern European research teams to bring its hologram technology to the home market. Preliminary research for Bleen began in 2011, when Bleen Inc. CEO Bogdan Shevchuk began discussions with scientists at the Institute of Holography in Kharkiv, Ukraine. He convinced Dr. Vladimir Titar, optical effects expert and inventor of the Holographic Television System (1979), to help produce a home hologram projector.4cb2eea8e41623d0710c75bcbb0eac38.jpg Now that their collaboration is slated to enter the consumer market, Shevchuk understands that his product must meet consumers’ hologram expectations, established by science fiction culture such as Star Wars, Back to the Future, and Avatar. He explains:

We recognize that we’ve taken on a great challenge, trying to develop one of the most desired technologies. Our ultimate goal is to bring a real consumer product to the market that enables everyone to watch 3D content in spatial quality.

Content designed to display from the Bleen must be specifically produced for the system; movies, games, music, and other entertainment will be available for purchase from an online app market. Bleen will also run a developer platform to allow users to create their own custom applications. Current content already provides a breadth of consumer opportunities, from film projection to 3D fitness instruction and realistic musician accompaniment.

Bleen, Inc. has launched an Indiegogo Campaign to crowdfund its first-round production of home hologram systems. The technology is available in either egg-shaped “Birth” or geometric “Rock” models, inspired by contemporary sculpture. Devices are expected to retail for $800, but Indiegogo contributors can pre-order one for $400.

Source: www.psfk.com
Holographic projection Hologram Girl changing clothes
Holographic projection Hologram Girl changing clothes
Hologram Projection @ CES 2013
Hologram Projection @ CES 2013
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