3D and holographic imaging

April 22, 2016
3-D holographic imaging takes

4384RealView Imaging’s revolutionary system projects a 3D holographic video stream or 3D still images “floating in the air”, based on real-time or previously acquired 3D data received from existing medical imaging modalities and navigation technologies. The projected volumetric 3D content is dynamic, in color and of high resolution, providing the viewer with a unique “ultra-realistic” viewing experience, unlike anything that exists today. The projected holograms can be viewed from different angles while seen in a precise spatial location and contain all the visual depth cues, as if the projected objects were truly there. Naturally, as the images are digital, they can be rotated or otherwise manipulated as required by literally touching them in real-time.

RealView’s system introduces multiple proprietary 3D user interface capabilities, allowing real-time marking, calibration and simulation “with and within” the floating volumes. This direct and intuitive user interface provides a whole new set of capabilities thereby revolutionizing the way medical professionals are able to interact with 3D information.

RealView Imaging’s systems are complementary to all the currently available 3D modalities and navigation tools which generate 3D volumetric content and present it over existing 2D screens. The holographic video stream or 3D still images presented by RealView’s system are based on these existing 3D acquisition modalities and navigation technologies (3D-CT, 3D Rotational Angiography, 3D-Ultrasound and others). With the growing number of installations of these systems and the increasing clinical evidence on the value of 3D for specific clinical procedures, RealView’s products are targeted to empower the users of these systems and provide them the freedom for unbounded interaction with this underutilized medical information.

  • Eyewear-free, true interference based digital holography – providing all visual depth cues
  • True visualization: ultimate realism, immediate and intuituve understanding of spatial anatomy
  • Direct and precise interaction within the “floating” volumes in real-time

The company has several product configurations under development, all based on the same technology platform and Intellectual Property. As the technology is configurable by nature, the company is targeting different product configurations to different market applications. One of the company’s key products is targeted for interventional cardiology applications, based on a clear clinical demand for enhanced 3D imaging technologies to support complex minimal invasive procedures in this clinical field.

Source: www.realviewimaging.com
Borne holographique de face, image 3D, hologramme,
Borne holographique de face, image 3D, hologramme,
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