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April 18, 2015
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This authoritative work focuses on practical holography, including methods for white light illumination, full color holography, and holographic recording of natural scenes.I see clear indications that 3D medical holography will play an important role in medical imaging in the near future, " said Aviad Kaufman, CEO of RealView Imaging Ltd.The technique, called photoelectron holography, produces the electron-generated equivalent of the visible-light holograms now seen so often as a security feature on credit cards and in three-dimensional displays.In recent years, holography has matured from an exotic idea to a real world application.23 /PRNewswire/ - Conceptual artist and magician Rick Silberman, originator of the holographic technique "Shadowgrams, " has created a novel approach to the magical arts, by creating the first magical illusion to utilize holography as its modus operandi.It eventually may be possible to push the transmitting reemission microscope's resolution into the atomic range by using a type of positron holography, Canter says.Substantial revisions to chapters on Holography, Lasers and the Interaction of Light with MatterViewing 3-D holographic displays hidden in a security van, security officials will, for the first time ever, view three-dimensional holography that can reveal shadows, angles, depths and details unseen by conventional imaging.23 SCIENCE that they have passed important milestones in X-ray holography, the main microscopy technique for producting three-dimensional images.3DIcon Corporation (OTC Pink Sheets: TDCP), a communications development company, today predicted that the development of secure digital holography would play a significant role in helping protect the United States from both external and internal threats.Resch at Toulon University in La Garde, France, and colleagues describe a method using holography to examine the behavior and creation of film drops when the film cap of a bubble fragments.Unlike other technologies that record one data bit at a time, holography allows a million bits of data to be written and read in parallel with a single flash of light.
What is holographic print? - Definition from
What is holographic print? - Definition from
Microsoft Ushers in Era of Holographic Computing with the
Microsoft Ushers in Era of Holographic Computing with the ...
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