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June 15, 2016
Holographic equipment to

ALUCARE holographic aluminium foil developed by DiavyDiavy srl, based in Soliera in Northern Italy, has established itself as a leading producer of decorative films, security hologram products and surface relief hologram production equipment.

ALUCARE holographic aluminium foil developed by Diavy

The core of the business is the machinery division that designs and builds bespoke coating and surface relief hologram production equipment, including hard and soft embossers, seamless embossing, recombine systems, electroforming equipment, coating/embossing and laminating lines and hot stamping foilers for application onto high security and nonsecure products.

All equipment, which is mainly for export all over the world, is manufactured in Italy.

History of Diavy

Diavy emerged from the Diaures Group that was founded in 1971 by Dimes Pastorelli and Auro Ascari. Originally the company specialised in sheet metal processing and in the manufacture of speciality machinery for the mechanical engineering sector.

During the next few years the company extended its activities to encompass other industrial sectors, including self-adhesive/ laminating and precision engineering before the Diaures engineering team started to produce hologram embossing machines, in the mid-1980s, designed by Dimes Pastorelli.

This ‘hologram embossing machine branch’ of the Diaures group became Machinery Holographic Technology (MHT), designing and building equipment for surface relief hologram production.

In the late 1980s the company created a new R&D area to build prototype machines before presenting these innovative solutions to the market.

The company became more specialised in holography, spinning off under the name of Diavy in the early 1990s to produce wideand narrow-web holographic products for packaging, security and other applications.

MHT was one of the first to build wide-web embossing equipment (hard and soft), and now offers a full complement of hologram production equipment.

It has sold over 200 machines all over the world, designing and building customised equipment, including unique multi-functional machines for banknote producers. The two companies work closely together to develop and test new applications.

Dimes Pastorelli continues to work on product and technology developments, one of his latest products being holographic aluminium foil for blister-packs (see below) that uses specially designed electro-forming and embossing equipment to emboss directly on the aluminium structure.

The company currently has two production units, including a production technology centre, and a workforce of around 30 who are specialised in holography and electronic and mechanical engineering.

The company has three divisions: a holographic division which includes decorative holographic films and security holographic products; a machinery division which incorporates holographic and coating technologies; and a sheet metal cold stamp division focussing on metal products with complex profiles and the manufacture of moulds for mass production products.

Products and markets

The holographic division has the entire manufacturing process in-house and supplies a range of products.

For the decorative film market, which is predominantly for the packaging sector, the main holographic products can be embossed with one of 60 standard designs or with a customised design.

Many of the products can be overprinted using offset lithography, rotogravure and flexography. The main products include:

  • Holographic films, available on PVC, polypropylene, nylon, polyester and paper. Sealable films are also available on biaxially orientated polypropylene;
  • Self-adhesive holographic films and papers that can be supplied in various widths, lengths and core sizes and with a variety of functional adhesives, depending on the requirement and substrates;
  • Holographic laminate films that can be used to create a luxury packaging appearance;
  • Holographic wet strength papers, that are used mainly for labels in the beverage beer bottle market;
  • Transfer holographic paper – a new product that aims to mimic the lustre and brightness of the holographic effects seen on films and paper.

For the security hologram sector, Diavy supplies a range of holographic label products for brand protection, food, pharmaceutical, banking, and transportation.

All labels can be produced incorporating tamper evidence, with or without a void feature, and can be fully holographic or combined with security print and finished in either sheet or reel format. Personalisation with alphanumerics and/or barcodes is also possible.

Source: www.reconnaissance.net
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