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October 2, 2016
2015 Rgbaw Uv Cortina De
  • In Situ Formation of Metal Oxide Nanocrystals Embedded in Laser-Induced Graphene

ACS Nano

Ye, Peng, Wang, Xu, Zhang, Li, Nilewski, Lin, and Tour

2015 9 (9), pp 9244–9251

Abstract: Hybrid materials incorporating the advantages of graphene and nanoparticles have been widely studied. Here we develop an improved cost-effective approach for preparation of porous graphene embedded with various types of nanoparticles. Direct laser ...

  • Formation of Klein Edge Doublets from Graphene Monolayers
Kim, Warner, Robertson, and Kirkland

2015 9 (9), pp 8916–8922

Abstract: With increasing possibilities for applications of graphene, it is essential to fully characterize the rich topological variations in graphene edge structures. Using aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopy, dangling carbon doublets at the ...

  • High-Speed Electrochemical Imaging
Momotenko, Byers, McKelvey, Kang, and Unwin

2015 9 (9), pp 8942–8952

Abstract: The design, development, and application of high-speed scanning electrochemical probe microscopy is reported. The approach allows the acquisition of a series of high-resolution images (typically 1000 pixels μm–2) at rates approaching 4 seconds per frame...

  • Transparent Stretchable Self-Powered Patchable Sensor Platform with Ultrasensitive Recognition of Human Activities
Hwang, Lee, Trung, Roh, Kim, Kim, and Lee

2015 9 (9), pp 8801–8810

Abstract: Monitoring of human activities can provide clinically relevant information pertaining to disease diagnostics, preventive medicine, care for patients with chronic diseases, rehabilitation, and prosthetics. The recognition of strains on human skin, induced ...

  • Origin of 3.45 eV Emission Line and Yellow Luminescence Band in GaN Nanowires: Surface Microwire and Defect
Huang, Zong, Shi, Zhang, Jiang, Zhong, Ding, He, Lu, and Hu

2015 9 (9), pp 9276–9283

Abstract: The physical origin of the strong emission line at 3.45 eV and broadening yellow luminescence (YL) band centered at 2.2 eV in GaN nanowire (NW) has been debated for many years. Here, we solve these two notable issues by using state-of-the-art first-...

  • Lightweight, Superelastic, and Mechanically Flexible Graphene/Polyimide Nanocomposite Foam for Strain Sensor Application
Qin, Peng, Ding, Lin, Wang, Li, Xu, Li, Yuan, He, and Li

2015 9 (9), pp 8933–8941

Abstract: The creation of superelastic, flexible three-dimensional (3D) graphene-based architectures is still a great challenge due to structure collapse or significant plastic deformation. Herein, we report a facile approach of transforming the mechanically ...

Source: pubs.acs.org
HL-69 Mini Holographic Moving Laser Stage Light Projector
HL-69 Mini Holographic Moving Laser Stage Light Projector
2015 NEW Mini Laser Stage Lighting Holographic Laser Star
2015 NEW Mini Laser Stage Lighting Holographic Laser Star ...
Holographic Laser Star Projector 100mw Red + 50mw Green
Holographic Laser Star Projector 100mw Red + 50mw Green
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