What is a Holography?

November 20, 2017
What Is a Three-Level Laser?

At Zebra, we get a lot of questions about holograms. Questions about security holograms, the kind of holograms in the movies, the kind making social media frenzys. While these are all really cool special effects, they technically aren't holograms. Sorry Tupac. That includes you. Michael too.

Watch our video on what a hologram is and what Zebra does to produce a hologram

Turning 3D models into holograms for premium visual communication is what we do

There are many programs out there that can display 3D models on a computer screen, and 3D printing technologies can produce physical copies. But there's only one 3D visualization technology that can bring the best parts of these two visuals together - and that's our 3D holograms.

3D models are produced in slew of different file formats depending on the application, organization and industry. Many of these have been around for awhile and are foundational tools in their industries, like CAD, SketchUp, Revit and 3DsMax. You can also now create a 3D model now from a hand held scanner or app for your phone or tablet. It's all about the data. And 3D content has never been so readily available. There are sites, like Turbosquid, that do nothing but offer up 3D content in a variety of sources.

We've even developed a custom workflow, ensuring that the 3D data can be smoothly exported from these applications to our hologram production process. If our customers need help converting an image - we have a staff of graphic artists or partners that can help guide customers through this process. We're also working on a WebGl interface that will allow customers to easily drag and drop their model through a browser and prepare their model for hologram printing.

Holograms compared to 3D Printing
While 3D printing can be a powerful tool for some efforts, 3D-printed objects don't necessarily offer the same flexibility and level of visual dynamics that 3D holograms can. In architecture, for example, holograms can be used to visualize complex structures, from imagined designs to completed buildings requiring renovations.

Source: www.zebraimaging.com
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ニコカラ】Holography【off vocal】
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