3D Holographic Projection technology

June 6, 2016
3d Holographic Projection

This seminar examines the new technology of Holographic Projections. It
highlights the importance and need of this technology and how it represents the new
wave in the future of technology and communications, the different application of the
technology, the fields of life it will dramatically affect including business, education,
telecommunication and healthcare. The paper also discusses the future of holographic
technology and how it will prevail in the coming years highlighting how it will also
affect and reshape many other fields of life, technologies and businesses.
Holography is a diffraction-based coherent imaging technique in which a
complex three-dimensional object can be reproduced from a flat, two-dimensional
screen with a complex transparency representing amp litude and phase values. It is
commonly agreed that real-time holography is the ne plus ultra art and science of
visualizing fast temporally changing 3-D scenes. The integration of the real-time or
electro-holographic principle into display technology is o ne of the most promising but
also challenging developments for the future consumer display and TV market. Only
holography allows the reconstruction of natural-looking 3-D scenes, and therefore
provides observers with a completely comfortable viewing experience. But to date
several challenges have prevented the technology from becoming commercialized. But
those obstacles are now starting to be overcome. Recently, we have developed a novel
approach to real-time display holography by combining an overlapping sub-hologram

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Holographic 3D Digital Projection Explained
Holographic 3D Digital Projection Explained
3D Holograms / Holographic projection Show Reel
3D Holograms / Holographic projection Show Reel
3d holographic projection
3d holographic projection
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