Hologram definition

June 14, 2015
4 - BEP Hologram
Elvis is to follow the example of Michael Jackson and be reproduced as a hologramThe company is debuting its first consumer product through the campaign, the eight-inch Voxbox hologram viewer.The planned maximum quantity produced hologram stickers in 12 months - about 250, 000 units.Prof Bjelkhagen, who helped to develop several technology breakthroughs in holography while at Glyndwr University St Asaph said: "The most common use for holograms is still as a security measure, first used by the likes of Visa and Mastercard.The hologram, which mirrored King of Pop's signature slick dance moves, performed 'Slave to the Rhythm' along with a plethora of background dancers, beaming lights and fire blasts, Stuff.Plans to use the hologram during the show Sunday emerged with the lawsuit.14328) A report in Nature magazine has said physicists from Japan have the most compelling evidence yet that the universe is just a hologram.It also features maps and the location of each hologram, recommended places to eat and drink and information on other major sights.This Hologram Inspection System is comprised of a combination of unique illumination and optics developed by AVT over the last two years.The product which uses technology for creating hologram effects enhances the look and feel of cosmetics that one is already applying as their make-up rituals.The new hologram plant features a building with advanced earthquake-resistance consisting of laminated rubber, viscous dampers, sliding bearings, oil dampers and other devices, as well as a clean room with a high dust-proofing performance (Class-100), which is used for the production of high-quality holograms utilizing micro process engineering technology.Computer-generated hologram is described mathematically by computing the phase and amplitude information of the wave propagation produced by an object.
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