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Android Enters Jelly Bean Era

Because Android enters the modern age, HTC and Special vie for supremacy, LG ELECTRONICS emerges as a new contender and Google experiments with tablets, phones and glasses. We examine how a wave of recent devices runnin

Android Everywhere

Android OS TV, Auto, Wear, Substance Design and Android applications on Chrome define the OS’s push onto even more screens, as fortunes surge and fall in the smartphone world. We notice how a push directly into new devi

Android is Transformed

Since Android hit its step on phones, a brand new tablet release brought the OS onto bigger displays, and also a new design terminology took its look plus feel to the next level. From the ending of 2010 Android had beco

Android OS Makes It Big

Impetus had been building behind Android throughout its first year on the market. But it wasn’t until 2010 that things really took off. Google carried on its own-branded device initiatives with the forward-thinking Nexu

Android Pre History

Google Android Pre-HistoryAndroid didn’t just happen. The origins of the world’s dominant mobile operating system can be traced right back to the beginning of the prior decade, through the work of founder Andy Rubin, an

Android's On Early Days

As the first Android phones started to trickle out, led by the T-Mobile-branded, HTC-made, Google-backed G1, the first hints were starting to appear that Android was heading to be a very big-deal indeed. In the second p

Android's Third Age

Even as we conclude our Android History series, we look again within the past twelve months – a moment of huge changes for Google plus the smartphone industry, once we set the stage for that Android of 2016. We see how

The Rise of Samsung

A new decisive year in cell phone sees Samsung dominating Google android and the market, Cyanogen giving rise to custom ROMs, and Jelly Veggie taking Android to the next level. We look at how Samsung dominated the Andro