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iOS or Android | Everyday Mom Blog

About Us

During 2015, Everyday Mom Blog come to an active status in smartphone OS world. We share the latest news regarding OS used on most famous smartphone brand nowadays. Android might be the greatest among Asia side but there is iOS competing from the West side. Do you know closer about Android? Get the update from our feeds.

Where really does Android come from?

It comes from Google, who else actually acquired Android inside 2005 (no, Google failed to invent it). The search giant performs regular updates along with an total annual major update.

The operating-system is based on typically the Linux kernel when you have friends who else work in IT, an individual could possibly have heard of it. This is the GNU / Linux operating method based structure, which will be a Unix type system (portable operating system, multi tasking and multi-user). The Apache kernel is one associated with the most prominent examples of free software.

What’s using the candy names?

Each brand new version of Android gets a code name according to consecutive letters of typically the alphabet. The most recent version is known because Marshmallow because it will be the Android M launch. Previous versions have integrated Lollipop, KitKat, Jelly Veggie and Gingerbread.